The struggle is real! Say NO to spec work

Sorry we haven’t posted anything in a long time. But we are back!

Spec work is a big problem in our industry, people expect us to work and then decide to pay us if they like what we do. It’s not right, it’s wrong. We put all our energies into our work and we deserve to get paid for our labor. We decided a long time ago, as a policy, to not do spec work and I think it’s time every agency, studio, or firm adopt this policy.

Thanks Zulu Alpha Kilo for putting this together

Doodle 4 Google 2014


This fills me with hope for the future of art and design.

Congratulations Audrey Zhang! Amazing job!


271 old color book – the first color guide

271 old color book – the first color guide

If you work in the graphics design field, you know how important the Pantone Color Guide is when it comes to printing. This is exactly what a Dutch artist set out to do back in 1692, only known as “A. Boogert” this dutchman created this handwritten and painted 800 pages book as a guide to mixing and using watercolor.

This is just too cool.

Seen on Colossal

Read the book here in high resolution!

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